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  • zaedno

    Teach for Bulgaria: The change begins with every one of us

    • The interns asked tens of questions during the meeting with the foundation representatives • Our program is aimed toward leadership development, said Petar Proikov The change depends on every one of us. We from Teach for Bulgaria believe that the way to change Bulgaria is education. This was one

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  • vision_board

    The interns created their first vision boards

    Dinna Temelkova opened the doors of the House of Sofia Art Space for the event The visualization and the words have a strong power, said Temelkova The interns from member companies of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria made wishes for their future professional and personal lives

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  • Lufthansa

    “Lufthansa Technik Sofia” brought the interns into the world of planes

    The company welcomed the interns as part of the events The young people learned about the company’s history and the career opportunities “Lufthansa Technik Sofia” brought the interns from member companies of the Council of women in business in Bulgaria into the world of planes. The company welcomed the

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