The Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria is a public benefit non-profit organization, which aims to promote good practices and programs to encourage the professional development of women in small and medium businesses and their career as managers, to assist young professionals and talents to reach their full potential in Bulgaria and to support disadvantaged young people in their education. We are open to partnerships with all stakeholders and we would be actively involved and support various projects that meet the Council’s key goals.

The Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria is actively supporting projects with the following objectives and scope:

  • Projects that aim to contribute to the successful establishment and promotion of best business practices and help gain useful experience in career development and advancement of women;
  • Projects focused on developing and promoting professional values ​​in civil society, education, science, culture, art and technology;
  • Projects that are committed to helping disadvantaged children and youth and contributing to the successful continuation of their education and professional development;
  • Projects that support the social and personal development of children, youth and young professionals in various fields;
  • Projects aimed at promoting best business practices and implementing programs to encourage the professional development of women in small and medium businesses and their careers as managers;
  • Projects that aim to attract young Bulgarian specialists, who have chosen to work abroad, to career opportunities in Bulgaria;
  • Projects that aim to promote and raise awareness about career opportunities in Bulgaria and in particular, to promote in the country the position of “manager”;
  • Projects for supporting activities and initiatives aimed at promoting the business and developing talents in various professional fields.


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