Leadership academy 2016/2017

The third edition of Leadership academy took place in 2016 – a highly professional leadership program for ladies at middle manager positions and owners of small and medium businesses.

The initiative is under the patronage of the mayor of Sofia – Mrs. Yordanka Fandankova. The third edition is supported by the chairwoman of the Parliament’s Committee of education and science – Mrs. Milena Damyanova and the chairwoman of “Woman-GERB” – Mrs. Irena Sokolova.

Leadership academy is a project aimed towards one of the Council’s goals – to offer accessible programs to encourage the professional development of women in small and medium businesses and their growth at manager’s positions. The project is financed by the companies from the Council and is completely free of charge for the participants. The six modules of the academy are all led by professional lectors and focused on developing new leadership skills, encouraging the sense of initiative and entrepreneur mindset of the modern woman for her business’ expansion and taking on bigger responsibilities.

Leadership academy 2016/2017 – Program

19.07.2016 г. Official opening of LA 2016/2017 

19-20.07.2016 Module 1: Learning about real life

26-27.09.2016 Module 2: YOUr business module

20-21.10.2016 Module3: Giving and receiving feedback

24-25.11.2016 Module 4: Inclusion at work – strengths and weaknesses of the team

26-27.01.2017 Module 5: Design thinking

23-24.02.2017 Module 6: Teambuilding: One for all, all for one

March, 2017 Closing and certificates awards


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