Leadership academy 2014/2015

The Council of the women in the business in Bulgaria conducts the project Leadership academy – a free of charge leadership training in six one-day modules spread throughout the period between June 2014 and February 2015.
In order to participate all applicants should have at least 3 or more years of managerial experience, or should be owners or managers of small and middle-sized businesses with the desire and initiative to develop their leadership skills. This will help them develop their businesses and take up greater leadership responsibilities.


June 2014

Module I: Emotional intelligence – real life learning

A one day training which aims at developing the participants’ understanding of themselves, their strong and weak sides. This intensive course tries to challenge their personality and see how they handle change through the prism of your emotional intelligence – the accept

July 2014 

Module II: Career consulting – Business model you

A systematic training which helps the most important business model – you. The participants in the Leadership academy will work with the visual Canvas Model to analyze their personal business model.

September 2014

Module III: Giving and receiving feedback

The participants will learn why the feedback is important, when to give it, how to make it constructive, etc.

November 2014

Module IV: Inclusion at work – the strong and weak sides of a team

The training focuses on the variety of the people\s characters in a company.

January 2015

Module V: One for all and all for one – Leadership academy teambuilding

February 2015

Module VI: Final module and official closing ceremony 

The certificates will be awarded by the mayor of Sofia – Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova – honorable member of the Council of the women in the business in Bulgaria. Members of the Council of women shall participate in each module and after the ending of the first year of the Leadership academy will choose the participants who will take place in the follow-up Mentorship program.



Велико Търново 2021
ЗА ЗАПИСВАНЕ – до 25 август на: +359 888 449 880vanya.kaneva-minkova@womeninbusiness.bg     КЪДЕ СЕ ПРОВЕЖДАВелико ТърновоПредстои да се уточни точна локация КОГАВеднъж седмичноот 17:30 до 20:30ч. (TBC) ОРГАНИЗАТОРСъвет на жените в бизнеса в България За повече...
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Стажантска инициатива 2021
Съветът на жените в бизнеса в България в партньорство с А1 обявява началото на Национална стажантска инициатива 2021 Оставаме в България, Zащото успяваме тук. ЗА КОГО Е ПРОГРАМАТА? Програмата е насочена към младите таланти от поколението...
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NEW NORMAL FOR WOMEN @ LIFE AND WORK /Етап 2: 12.07-22.07.2021/ “Новото нормално“,  в което живеем и работим вече повече от година и половина, трансформацията на работната среда, повишеното натоварване, свързано с увеличените грижи за...
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