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Participants in 2019, part of the fifth edition of National Internship Initiative “Staying in Bulgaria”, will have the opportunity to participate in five trainings, free of charge and to be familiar with the real business environment in five Bulgarian companies.

The fifth edition of the National internship initiative “Staying in Bulgaria”, organized by the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria in partnership with A1, started with very interesting and useful program. The goal of 2019 is to help the youngest future professionals to upgrade their qualities and skills, to enter the world of business and to get information about development opportunities, suitable environment and incentive for career options in Bulgaria.

The largest campaign related to retain young people in the country was officially opened in Sofia yesterday in the presence of management and members of the Council, representatives of A1 Bulgaria and participants in 2019 – 28 young people who are trainees in companies members of the Council.

One of the most important priorities of our organization is to retain young people in the country by creating valuable training and successful career opportunities. Therefore, for five years we haven’t stopped working on this and we are constantly looking for better and interesting opportunities for young people through which they have the chance to get to the real business and to get as much as possible useful knowledge from the practice. An internship is a very appropriate way to do this and all companies members of the Council are pleased to welcome every year young people who want to learn and develop. This year we offer an even more interesting and practical program and training focused on specific soft skills and useful knowledgeCommented concerning the fifth edition of internship initiative, the Chairwoman of the Council of Women in Business and CEO of Siemens Bulgaria, Dr. Eng. Boriana Manolova,

A1 Bulgaria has a specific focus on young people, developing and upgrading its internship program over the last 15 years. So far over 1000 students from various universities in Bulgaria and abroad have been taken company traineeship, and approximately 30% of them remain employed annually. This year, we launched three new programs targeting pupil and students. We invited students from vocational high schools with a focus on telecommunications to conduct their practice with us, providing opportunity to stay to stay for work / internship of the best of them. We launched the “A1 Summer Academy” – a new program for students who participated in IT Hackathon, Marketing Olympiad and other competitions organized by the universities together with us. The best were awarded with an invitation for internship at our company. They are currently working on real business projects and are actively involved in the creation of new products and services from the field of marketing or technology. Our third program for active involvement of young people in business is the Internship Initiative of the Council of Women, who we cooperate with, sharing common values about the future of students in Bulgaria and the opportunities to stay in Bulgaria. We, at A1, believe that young people carry the necessary charge for change and the energy to bring it about, so we actively support them.Said in welcoming the young from Mrs. Miglena Uzunova-Tzekova, member of management board of The Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria and senior director Human resources of A1 Bulgaria.

Immediately after the formal opening, the first training of the 2019 began – with presentation skills. Boris Hristov of 365labs, ranked in Forbes “30 under 30” for 2018 and awarded with Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for merit in the presentation and power point communities, introduced the young people to the art of building a successful presentation. He presented in an interesting and exciting way what was the most important to the structure and success of a presentation and how to combine emotions and facts, retain interest, gain confidence and influence on the audience.

Within five weeks young people will have the opportunity to participate in 5 training free of charge. The next training is dedicated to the ability to speak powerful, manage projects, pursue a stress-free career and prepare a professional CV. The initiative includes a visit to the offices and facilities of five leading companies, where trainees will become familiar with their work in practice and gain an idea of the real business environment.

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The Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria is a non-governmental organization in favour of society. Its members are top managers and representatives of companies and organizations in Bulgaria. Among the objectives of the Council are the popularization of good practices and programs that encourage the professional career development of the women in the small and middle-sized business and their development in management positions; the development and establishment of professional values in the civil society, education, science, culture, technology and the support of the young specialists and talents so that they can realize their potential in Bulgaria and to help young people from disadvantaged social upbringing in their education. 


A1 part of A1 Group is a leading provider of digital services and telecommunication solutions in Bulgaria. The company offers mobile and fixed services, high speed broadband, digital and satellite TV, including four owned sport channels – MAX Sport 1, MAX Sport 2 and MAX Sport 3, MAX Sport 4, online payments solutions, own music streaming platform, cloud and IoT solutions to 5 million customers. In 2018 A1 Bulgaria reported turnover of EUR 446.2 million and EBITDA of EUR 138 million.

A1 Group is a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 24 million customers, currently operating in seven countries: Austria (А1), Bulgaria (А1 Bulgaria), Croatia (А1 Croatia), Slovenia (A1 Slovenia), Belarus (Velcom), Serbia (Vip mobile) and Republic of North Macedonia (one Vip). A1 Group’s turnover in 2018 amounted to EUR 4.47 billion and its EBITDA was EUR 1.38 million. The portfolio of A1 Group includes voice services, high speed internet, multimedia, IT, data traffic and online payments solutions. A1 has a stable shareholder in América Móvil – the 4th largest telecom company in terms of customers in the world. 


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