The Chairwoman of the Executive Board of Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria: The Secret of Successful Networking is the Effective Communication

The Chairwoman of the Executive Board of Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria and CEO of Siemens Bulgaria Dr. Eng. Boriana Manolova shares her thoughts on what is important to successful networking as a means of communication:

Just like the business itself, the networking is a process that has its stages and follows its logic. I believe the effective communication is the foundation of the successful networking.

It is important both in the process of initial establishment of contact and in the course of maintaining productive and effective relationship.

The so-called reciprocity in communication is extremely important for the good networking. This means that communication is important in whatever form – meetings, emails, phone calls, and is occurring not only when a person decides it is necessary, but when the other side has the occasion as well. It is also important to respect the interests of the people we communicate with. As part of maintaining beneficial contacts I find it useful to pay attention and look for different opportunities for communication. These can be (personal) celebration, achievement or reward.

Based on my own experience and I would say that successful networking is maintained by consistency. You have to be consistent in communication and be an active part in seeking one.

Something very significant, which I believe is the key to success consists in our ability to find small component/item which matters personally for the person we communicate with. This may be something that connects us somehow outside the official subjects and occasions – e.g. common hobby, shared interests, sports, travel, etc. This would add another aspect in communication with the other person, which would make it more sustainable and fully.




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