Lydia Shouleva was elected Vice President of the Economic and Social Council

Mrs. Lydia Shouleva, a member of the Management Board of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria (CWBB), was elected Vice President of the Economic and Social Council (ESC) from the group of civil society organizations.

 The Economic and Social Council (ESC) has an important social role as a link between citizens and the state and is an opportunity to express opinionsq estimations and views on issues of public importance. In this way ESC expresses and protects the interests of civil society in the dialogue with the legislative and executive power and its will for economic and social development.

“The Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria guarantees that Mrs. Lydia Shouleva and her many years of administrative and managerial experience as Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Minister of Economy, Member of the European and Bulgarian Parliaments will contribute to dialogue and cooperation of non-governmental organizations in the process of management and decision-making for our society. “, said Dr. Ing. Boryana Manolova, Chairperson of the MB of CWBB and CEO of Siemens Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia.

“I will work to raise the place and role of women in society, to overcome inequalities, to create better opportunities for the realization of women, through various ESC initiatives, including the development of opinions and proposals to achieve positive change. “, said Mrs. Shuleva after her election.

The ESC represents the groups of employers, workers and non-governmental organizations. The Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria unites the expertise of its members in the areas of women’s empowerment, creation and maintenance of quality jobs, youth employment and qualification, education and personal and professional development. As Vice President of the ESC, Mrs. Shouleva will work to create policies that promote the development of women who are most affected by the current health and economic crisis.



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