Fun and a lot of new knowledge during the Summer Academy “Leaders of the Future”

In sync with the summer the Academy “Leaders of the Future”, initiated by the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria, is also in its peak. Launched in early August it unites almost 30 youth from 11th and 12th grade as well as students from Bulgarian and foreign universities.

In August they will undergo a special program that will give them the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge on important for them topics. The training is not only helpful, but interactive and fun – for the participants in the Summer Academy and their lectors.

The first week of the Summer Academy was extremely dynamic and interesting. The youth had the opportunity to learn how to prepare their CVs and what are its most important requirements. They went through special training, dedicated to the creative thinking, in which they were challenged to propose their own solution for a non-standard case. All of the participants in the Summer Academy already have in-depth knowledge on how to make and present their presentation in the most attractive way. In addition to the presentation, special attention was paid to their digital skills and knowledge in this area.


In addition to the practical exercises, the participants in the first Summer Academy “Leaders of the Future” acquainted closely with the real production processes. They visited Nestle, as well as substation “Sredets”, part of the CEZ distribution network, where they had the opportunity to understand the electrical process.


The knowledge derived from the youth during the Summer Academy will help them to present their own projects, with which they will apply to the competition “Innovators of the Future – Trainees 2016”, the best way possible. This competition, as well as “Leaders of the Future”, is part from the Internship Initiative ”We are staying in Bulgaria”- the largest national internship program, organized by the Council of Women in Business. The main goal of this initiative is to show the young people that they have opportunities and odds for development in their own country and to encourage them to stay in Bulgaria.



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