Business Academy for Starting Entrepreneurs has started in Troyan

31 participants in the project of the America for Bulgaria Foundation BASE – Academy for Starting Entrepreneurs in partnership with the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria began their training

BASE – Academy for Starting Entrepreneurs, a project of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, started in Troyan under the leadership of Eng. Vanya Kaneva, Executive Director of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria (CWBB) on May 11, 2021 in the Municipal Council Hall. This is the second academy organized by CWBB since the successful completion of BASE in Lovech in September last year.

DSCN8224The project in preparation and development has been received extremely positively and hospitably by the local community in Troyan – institutions, business and schools. 31 participants were selected to participate in the program, and their areas of activity are diverse – design and decoration, digital commerce and e-services, tourism and hospitality, education and social activities, car services and more. All of them are brought together by the desire to develop their own business and the perceived need for knowledge, good practices and models as well as wide networkin order to be able to implement their projects.

At the opening of the Academy, the mayor of Troyan Donka Mihaylova said in her greeting: “The Academy for Entrepreneurs is coming just in time. After the closed world in which we lived, today people feel the need to participate in events and initiatives, to be together. They need motivation and encouragement to develop their business ideas. They need inspiration to start new projects of their lives. ”

“The region is known for its crafts, but also for its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. Located in the center of Bulgaria, it is a carrier of history, culture, development of modern technologies and industries. The natural resources of Troyan and the region give it wonderful opportunities for the development of modern forms of hospitality, tourism and mountain sports. All this gives us wonderful conditions and fundamentals to develop the next – 20th BASE project in Bulgaria for the city of Troyan together with the representatives of the Council of Women in Business “, said Nadya Zaharieva, Program Director “Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology ” in the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

DSCN8225“Training at the Academy for Entrepreneurs will definitely help participants to further develop their ideas and projects, will contribute to the development of the community and the region,” said Ivelina Radevska – Director of the Employment Agency.

The work continued with a presentation by Dr. Stefania Temelkova, a lecturer at the New Bulgarian University and an entrepreneur, on the topic “Where to start?”. In their presentation at the beginning of the lecture, the participants talked about their work, ideas and projects, about the businesses they want to develop.

This is the first of 20 speakers and mentors of the Program, provided by CWBB , who will present valuable knowledge, practices and experience on how to start a business, what we need to know and can do, how to create, market and sell the product, how to provide resources for the process, how to plan and fund our ideas. The academy envisages a series of lectures and practical classes, as the participants will learn from successful Bulgarian entrepreneurs, who have created their own business, from CWBB members.

BASE in Troyan will last 14 weeks and is scheduled to end with a competition for the best innovative projects in August.



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