Ani Hira and Hygge were guests to the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria

  • How to find balance and to have more happiness at work were the main topics of the event

Huga_aniHow to apply the Hygge values and principles at work in order to have more balance and harmony, which stimulates performance? This was the main topic of the traditional Afterwork event of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria. The guest of the February edition was Ani Hira, who after a long corporate career now develops a consultancy business focusing on Hygge.

“Feeling well accepted, the employees and people in general are more stimulated to do their best,” stated Ani Hira. According to her, Hygge, which originates as a concept and style from Denmark, has no direct translation, but can be interpreted as a sense of coziness and balance – both inner and in the work environment. “Being a manager and leading people requires a lot of effort. One of the principles of this philosophy is the lack of hierarchy, but not in its administrative sense, but in the sense of not saying that you know more than others and are willing to hear different opinions and preserve human dignity,” said Ani Hira.

She also presented the main principles and values created by her Hugah BG. The first is humanity and honesty, which require courage to confess how ready we are to accept ourselves as we are. The second is the principle of coziness and comfort. The Hugah also implies care and attention to development that require the manager to realize what the employee needs and to support him or her. The concept consists of two more values: “authenticity and action” and “with humor and harmony.”




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