Ambitious plans for development throughout 2017

At the end of January the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria (CWBB) set up a new tradition organizing the very first After work networking meeting. The main objective of this informal meeting was to present the upcoming initiatives planned for the year. The Council keeps enriching its activities regarding the encouragement of the women’s professional development in the small and middle business as well as professional realization of young specialists in Bulgaria.

The plans for development of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria were announced by Dr. Eng. Boriana Manolova, Chairwoman of the Executive Board. Apart from them, she introduced the new working groups established by the Council in order to guarantee the effective project implementation. The groups are 5 and their Heads are members of the Executive Board of CWBB. During the selection process of the rest of the members, their leaders invited all the ladies to take part in the groups that would correspond to their desire and expertise.

The Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria demonstrates its willingness to turn After work network meetings into regular events that will enable the informal communication and the idea generation.



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