A1 welcomed interns from member companies of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria

  • The visit was part of the young.LEADERS.talk series
  • The interns got familiar with the company’s structure and activities

A1-4The leading mobile operator A1 Bulgaria opened its doors for the interns from member companies of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria. They visited the company’s headquarters as part of the young.LEADERS.talk series within the Council National Internship Initiative.

The interns got familiar with the history of telecommunications as a whole and in particular the history of A1 in Bulgaria where the company has been operating since 1994 under different brands. The company invests a lot in its employees and provides opportunities for trainings and career development, stated Marieta Trichkova, HR expert. The A1 internship program is also well developed and some of the trainees get the chance to stay in the company. This is the case of Plamen Vasilev and Daniel Hristov, who have started their careers as trainees. “The secret of success is to be persistent, ambitious and have some luck. Consider the internship as an opportunity to gain knowledge”, said Plamen. For Daniel the idea of traineeship is not to stay all the time in only one department but to try different things. You should always want to learn more and more, added Margarita Tsekova.

A1-1Marieta Trichkova gave the trainees three tips for successful career: to know themselves, ie. to look for feedback; to be themselves, showing the best of their abilities; to develop themselves, because no one else would do it for them.

The interns visited the Client center and the Center for network management and monitoring.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria has been organizing the National Internship Initiative “Stay in Bulgaria”. The program is oriented towards the youngest professionals and will enable them once again to prove their qualities and skills, to get involved into the real business and to find opportunities for development along with suitable environment and a stimulus for their professional realization in Bulgaria. The initiative is under the patronage of Mrs. Eva Maydell, MEP.

In 2018 the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria launched its Young.LEADERS.talk series which takes place within the Council’s National Internship Initiative. Its purpose is to enable young people to meet their role models – political leaders, managers and young professionals who started their own careers as interns, as well as to visit some of the largest companies in Bulgaria.  In this way young people have the opportunity to get familiar with the business world and to learn how companies are organized and how they operate.




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