14 women completed the fourth edition of the Laboratory for development

On December 8, 14 participants in the fourth edition of the Laboratory for Development received their certificates for successful completion of the CWBB training program, developed to support women’s professional development in mid-managerial positions.

After the last module dedicated to the topic of persuasive communication, Tsvetanka Mincheva, Chair of the Board of CWBB, and Zoya Paunova, Head of the Working Group for International Cooperation at the Council and main lecturer in the program, congratulated the participants. For a month and a half, they went through the four modules in the training, in which they built on their knowledge and skills related to their leadership qualities, building an effective team, coaching and persuasive communication.

“I believe that the Laboratory for Development will contribute to the achievement of many personal and professional successes, in creating better relationships with others, living in balance and harmony, feeling capable, free, inventive,” said Zoya Paunova at the end of the program.

You can read more about the Laboratory for Development program HERE.



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