Join the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria

The candidate who wants to join the Council could be a prominent manager or a representative of an organization with experience in corporate culture, who shares the goals of the organization, including:

    • Sole trader, Manager, General Director, Board Member, Member of a Supervisory Board, as well as manager in the level “Board 1”, such as manager of the HR Department.
    • The candidate can as well be an entity that could contribute to the good practices in corporate culture.
    • The candidate must submit through the chairwoman of the management board to the board the following:
  • An application in free form
  • A recommendation letter from a member of the Council, and
  • A recommendation from a member of the Management Board.
  • Requests from legal entities must also include the document, which certifies the representative authority of the person signing the application. The Management Board then conducts meetings with the candidates.

The accepted members receive a document of membership, which is approved by the Management Board.