About us

“The Council of the Women in the Business in Bulgaria” is an organization, working in public benefit, which main goals are recognition and popularization of best practices and programs for encouraging the professional development of women in the small and middle-sized business and their professional growth to managerial positions, support of young specialists to realize their potential in Bulgaria and developing projects that aim at endorsing the talent in business activities. With its over 100 corporate and individual members, the organization unites leading managers with rich experience in management and corporate culture, technology and education, supporting the initiatives of the Council with their name and expertise.

“The Council of the Women in the Business in Bulgaria” organizes since 2014 the free of charge program Leadership Academy “We succeed in Bulgaria”, which each year prepares 40 ladies in mid-management positions or owners of small and middle-sized businesses for their next professional steps. The modules’ purpose is to develop leadership skills, which encourage the participants’ initiative and entrepreneurship spirit. In the trainings, members of the Council join to share their valuable professional experience.

Since 2015, “The Council of the Women in the Business in Bulgaria” organizes the National Internship Initiative “We remain in Bulgaria”, dedicated to the youngest future professionals, who could prove their abilities and skills, to enter the world of business and to receive the opportunity to develop in an environment which stimulates their realization in Bulgaria. The Initiative includes various trainings and company visits, organized by the members of the Council.

“The Council of the Women in the Business in Bulgaria” organizes the Global Women Leaders Forum, which unites female leaders from business, politics, as well as the social and cultural world. The Forum gives the participants a platform where the current trends in women empowerment and equality could be discussed. Additionally, it looks for new ways to support and improve the role of women in business and society. The Forum had two editions in 2016 and in 2018. The main goal is to introduce inspiring role models for the future generations of women leaders.